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Only GM repair shop
In the southwest

You will find us in Hoheischweiler / Pirmasens with a direct exit from the B10. Also follow us on Facebook & Instagram for more information

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Unser Service

Als einziger offizieller GM-Reparaturbetrieb im Südwesten haben viel viel zu tun.

Our Repair Shop

We are changing, just like the car world. We are constantly educating ourselves to offer the best service.


Autohaus Adrian
Hauptstrasse 3c
66989 Höheischweiler

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Call us in good time, because the procurement of the car parts for the repair varies, so that we can plan more reliably

Make An Appointment

+49 6331 21999-21

How is the process with us?

Inquiry & Appointment

If you send us a detailed email or telephone inquiry, we can promise you a binding appointment so that you can count on it.


Once the damage to the car has been discussed, the cost and time of obtaining the car parts and repairs will be calculated.


If several parts on the car are to be repaired, you should expect a longer delay, since the car parts usually arrive at different times.

pick-up date

As soon as we can estimate when your car will be ready, we will arrange a pick-up date so that we can explain exactly what we have done.


Electric car maintenance?
We are the closest car repair shop

It is precisely regulated who is allowed to work on electric or hybrid cars, because without the right qualification a mechanic is not allowed to work on an electric car. You can only repair electric vehicles after a long training period. This training is expensive, includes more than 100 teaching units and several thousand euros in seminars at TÜV, Dekra, car manufacturers and suppliers.

“We believe that the future of car workshops will be hybrid. That is why we invest in our employees, so that we can repair electric and conventional cars”

Theo Adrian

Founder and managing director at Autohaus Adrian

We are experts

There are few who are experts and can call themselves that, but we are and we can guarantee it!


We offer you a guarantee on your car parts. Call us and let us inform you!


As the only GM repair shop in the southwest, we are also specially trained for these cars.

electrical repair

We are a hybrid workshop and also offer repairs for electric vehicles.

Our car repair shop

As you know, pictures say more than 1000 words, so we give you an insight into our workshop.